This is some of what I’ve been working on in my program.

1. Town of Banff Water Consumption

ToB Water Consumption

2. Python Programming Project

python project code

This script reads a GPX file made by a GPS unit to extract coordinates, elevation, and time stamp. The script preforms calculations such as speed and relative slope to act as fields in an attribute table. The script creates feature classes for point and line segments of the GPS track with associated attribute tables for manipulation and analysis in a GIS. Below is a sample output of the script in which the track is symbolized by speed in m/s. A simple template was made in ArcMap so a map could be created using python and saved as pdf.


3. Suitable Deer Habitat Analysis


Deer Habitat Model Builder

4. Castlegar, BC Airport and Aviation Training Centre Illustrator Map

5. Our GIS Classroom in CAD


6. Photoshop Tutorial: Adding someone to a photo with background Donkey Kong music.

7. GIS Day Poster: GPS Project

GPS Poster



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